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 Inge's report on Dusseldorf concert and meeting with Tarkan!

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PostSubject: Inge's report on Dusseldorf concert and meeting with Tarkan!   Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:15 am

Dear everyone!!

Here is my report from Dusseldorf. It was really great, we got to
talk with Tarkan, and we had a wonderful concert.
Herbert and I went with our friends Hyke and Niels, and we teamed up
with my friend from many years, the German-Turkish girl Funda, her
two sisters Neslihan and Demet, and her brother in law Ümit. Later,
we also saw Marleen and Christelle
When we were brought backstage, Levent took us all to the hall with
dressing rooms.
Levent picked up Tarkan, who walked up to us very happiliy and full
of confidence.
I said, congratulations, your show is sold out! Thanks, he said. Then
he said hi to everyone. We took pictures of course.
I told him that he was getting skinny. He said, no I am not, this is
my normal weight. I said: this is NORMAL?? He went: yeah...I told him
he looked good like this, but should not lose more.
And I said, that Hyke said, we wanna look at you, not through you!
He: noo...I think this is my best weight...
I: naaaa....you're getting skinny
He said: Maybe I need more muscle (posing like a body builder)
All girls : wooohhh!!
Then I said, as I took out my note book...that I had some questions
for him written down, as I tend to forget what I want to ask. Here
are some of the replies ( I left out some stuff which has to do with
the organisation of tarkaninternational)

Inge: we went online with the fanclub website tarkaninternational.
Tarkan: Oh you did?
Inge; Yes, I everyone responded enthousiastically, the fans all love
the website
(I had brought printscreens but forgot to give them).
Tarkan: Oh okay, good.
Inge: So now we want to know, when is our website gonna get the link
on the tarkan.com website?
Tarkan: actually our new website almost finished,
Inge; I hear you have trouble picking pictures,
Tarkan: Yeah its pictures, and a couple of other things, biography,
discography, we want it all to be perfect.
Inge: Well, about pictures, don't be too rational about it just go
with the instinct, don't take more than two seconds to decide on
Tarkan: I can't, I have to think about it well..

Inge; so next, question, what do you think about the digital
Tarkan: what is that?
Inge; you know, in the beginning of your career everyone would just
watch your show, but now everyone is just filming and looking at you
from behind the camera
Tarkan: Oh I hate it...I wanna see people dance and enjoy the show
Inge: and now they are stuck behind cameras and at home they see
which concert they went to
Tarkan: yesterday in Munich I told people to stop filming and please
start dancing...
Inge: you did?
Tarkan: yeah it was too much...and also, it was hot, there was no air

After this, there was some more talks, and picture taking, and it was
fun, and friendly, but Levent was also telling us to hurry up. So we
said goodbye to Tarkan and wished him a good show and he wished us a
lot of fun.
Then we were brought into the concert hall...right before the huge
crowd was let in, so we just got ourselves front row places...of the
normal ticket row. Before us was a space created for the VIP tickets
(enough for some 200 people) who would be let in later, through a
side entrance right before the show so they would not have to be in
The show started, it was a good show, good atmosphere. The hall was
sold out. As I saw him dance, dressed in tight fitting shirts, I felt
sorry for saying he was too skinny because actually on the stage it
worked perfectly. He looked awesome.
I'm not gonna go through the whole concert..it was just an excellent
concert like he always gives, he had the same enthousiasm as at
Harbiye and the crowd was great...he made good connections with
people and everyone felt personally touched by him…

After the concert, me (and Funda) decided to go backstage, to look
for Sedat, Ozlen, and talk with them because we had had little time
to talk with them beforehand.
Backstage, we met Sedat, Ayhan, Aytan. Demet and…to our surprise…
Murat Boz! We got on a picture with Murat Boz. We talked with Aytan
and asked if we would be allowed to come to the hotel and chat with
them. Sure, he said, but we would have to ask Demet. We asked Demet,
she said,sure, if you want, you can come. I said, okay, where is the
hotel. She gave the name of the hotel.
So, we took off in our cars and went to the hotel with Funda, her two
sisters, and brother in law, and also with Hyke and Niels, but
without Marleen and Christelle, because they had already left.

At the hotel, we met some more new interesting people from the crew,
like the sound technician. There were also lots of other fans there
and Tarkan was being kept busy talking, taking pics. Soon we were
also able to talk with Tarkan.
I showed him the printscreens of our website. He loves the website!!
Then, he commented on the translations. He said there were some
mistakes in them. I said, please give me corrections. He said, Dilli
Dúduk is not written for a woman, its written for the media. I am not
a jerk to sing like that to a woman, it should be translated as he,
not she. Yeah, I can understand that, I said. I told him, actually it
would be best if you would translate yourself, because they are your
songs, you know what you are singing, He said, my English is not that
good, its difficult to translate.
I promised him we would go through the translations once more, and
thanked him for reading them, and said, if he had any more comments
we would love to hear because we want to have good translations.
Then Funda, Hyke and all got onto more pics with Tarkan. Then we took
off, back home. I said bye to Tarkan and said, see you in Amsterdam.
Big hugs, and we were off.

Back home, Niels and Hyke stayed at our house. We talked some more
about what had happened, how the evening had been, with two meetings,
and an excellent concert…

God what a trip, what experiences...I am still very
hyper...so...Sorry it took me some time to write it all down…
I am happy things worked out well, and the concert was great…
love, Inge

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PostSubject: Re: Inge's report on Dusseldorf concert and meeting with Tarkan!   Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:09 pm

Wow, Inge thanks for the details!! I am sorry but I do agree with you that he looked a bit to skinny, maybe it was just the pictures I saw. Im glad that he was just as excited for the website! One question, are his concerts ritual? Or does he always come with something new and exciting?!?!? ]
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PostSubject: Re: Inge's report on Dusseldorf concert and meeting with Tarkan!   Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:35 pm

thanx Inge Smile
you're our eyes and ears off the stage !!
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PostSubject: Re: Inge's report on Dusseldorf concert and meeting with Tarkan!   

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Inge's report on Dusseldorf concert and meeting with Tarkan!
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