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 Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts

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Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts Empty
PostSubject: Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts   Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts EmptySat Dec 20, 2008 1:37 pm

Hi everyone,

I went to two concerts, Amsterdam on Sunday and Köln on Tuesday.
Since I was unable to meet Tarkan backstage at both occasions, I will
just give concert reports. The reason why I never got to see Tarkan
may have had something to do with the fact that he had a sad message
on Sunday: his best friend's mother died that day. In muslim
countries, the burial takes place the next day, this meant he decided
to fly back to Istanbul on Monday to attend the funeral, and fly back
to Germany on Tuesday. He missed a fun day and night in Amsterdam to
which he had been looking forward, and it all made his scedule quite
hectic. It probably depressed him too, so he was not easy to be

The concerts were great fun! In Amsterdam, I went with Octavia,
Herbert, my friends Roel and Theo, Hyke, and Niels. We also met
Christelle from France there, Audrey, and Marleen.

Octavia already told about the Amsterdam concert, so I will be brief
about it. For me, it was a good concert, I had received two VIP
tickets and seven normal tickets from the organisation in exchange
for my help in concert promotion.
With Octavia, I went VIP into the first rows. Thanks to Levent, the
others in our groups also were allowed in the VIP area.
It meant being about one metre/ 3 feet away from the stage.

This made the concert very special, because, it nearly was a meet and
greet, to be so close to him as he was performing. He tends to look
at everyone, but there is a difference between him looking at you,
and him actually recognising you. As always, he looked at all of us
many times, but it took some time for him to recognise those people
in the crowd that he knew, like Marleen, Christelle, Niels, Octavia
and me (and probably others too).

It was so enjoyable to be able to watch him so close. Especially now
that he is in excellent shape. He is more muscular and less skinny
than he was in Düsseldorf. Actually, I'd say his body looks quite
perfect. He wore halter tops which looked great on him, and as he
walked onto the catwalk, we could even see him from behind and I
enjoyed seeing the curve of his back and his shoulders.

He sang beautifully and danced well. Some of his clothes did not look
so nice however, like, purple jogging pants. The concert lasted about
2.5 hours, and the crowd was very enthousiastic. He said thanks and
talked in Turkish, English and even some Dutch to te audience.

Now, over to the concert in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday. I didn't
know I was going, but I received an invitation from Christoph Helbig,
the organiser, whom I knew from 12 years ago. He persuaded me to come.

The Köln concert was held at an old factory, in an industrial area.
As I arrived at the venue, by subway, I contacted some security
outside and told them that I was invited by the organiser. I went to
see him.

Christoph gave me a backstage bracelet so I could walk anywhere exept
into the Tarkan dressing room corridor. Upstairs, at the backstage
area, I met the band members and HITT people. Can Sengun was there,
Ozlen, Demet, Alp, Ayhan, Aytan and all those guys, and Sedat of

Meanwhile there was dinner catering being prepared on some sort of
balcony which overlooked the downstairs concert hall.I wanted to eat
something too (of course) and so I said to Can, I dont wanna invite
myself...he said, come on, you;re invited, I will invite you, you are
with me. Soon the tables were filling up. I sat not with Can, those
seats were all taken, but I ended up sitting next to a man named
Hüseyin. He turned out to be the man who organised the concerts of
Tarkan back in 1994/1995, which I attended. Hüseyin Bala. We talked
about those concerts and venues, and about Tarkans career.

Then as I was about to leave the table, I see a young blondish
Turkish guy about my age looking at me, and I think: do I know this
guy? He looks familiar...but he also looked like Tarkan, so I
thought, no he probably just reminds me of Tarkan... thats why I
think I know him...but he kept looking at me and then he even said:
I thought damn, he knows me, who is he, is he from the band, he looks
familiar, but maybe he just looks just a bit like Tarkan...its
confusing, who could he be? I walked up to him all curious, shake his
hand, I say: Inge, he says: Hakan.
Ahhh...now it made sense, it was Tarkans older brother! And I shake
hands with the guy on the opposite side, and he said: Adnan. So I got
two brothers in one, one half and one full! It was so much fun to
talk with Hakan, he is a very friendly guy and not as bulky or big as
he appeared on pictures, He actually does have those fine lines too,
only everything in a more blonde variety, eyebrows, hair. The ears
and mouth are identical. His eyes are a dazzling kind of turquoise,
actually his eye colour is more beautiful than that of Tarkan, only
his eyes are smaller and his eyelashes are less prominent.

Hakan and I had been talking on Facebook earlier. I had promised to
make him a portrait of him. He talked of the portrait of his father
which I had made. It turned out our best language of communication
was German. I told him what Tarkan did for me back in 1997. It turns
out even he never heard of this story, He said: but he could have
taken advantage of the situation! yes I said, you can be proud of
your brother.
He was interested in hearing about Tarkaninternational .But at one
moment Adnan decided they should see someone outside of the concert
hall and so Hakan excused himself and they left. I did not bother to
go see Tarkan, as the security was blocking that corridor and I hadnt
seen Levent for some time.

At that time, I decided to go down into the empty concert hall again
and find myself a great spot up front, in the middle,
As I was just putting my bags down and my coat, someone patted my
shoulder and said: hi Inge! It was Marleen. I was a bit shocket to
see her as we had been in a fight for so long and our last encounter
in Amsterdam had not been so good.
We greeted each other. She told me she had just been backstage to
meet Tarkan. I said: you have?
She said that Tarkan had commented on our fight. He asked her as she
wanted to leave: Marleen, how are you, I hear things are not so well,
I hear you have a fight with Inge.
She had admitted to Tarkan that we had a fight. He said, listen
Marleen I really value you, you know that I love you very much...I
know you have had this fanclub for a long time and I really
appreciate it..but you know that i also love Inge, and that she is
also very special to me...she did a lot for me too...so it would
really mean a lot to me if you could both try to work out this
problem and stop fighting...so could you get in touch with her for me
and try to work it out, would you do this for me?
And so she promised him.So while we were there we started to talk
about it again trying to solve it and I said to her, you know why
dont we go over to him and sort it out with him between us..and she
went, yeah and kiss and make up and have a picture together with
So we left our places up front at the stage and went up again,
running to the backstage area...I was happy to go and meet
Tarkan...but the corridor to his dressing room was blocked and we
could not go there. We discussed in the hall way backstage, and could
not come to an agreement about the source of our fight....Then I
said, why are we still standing here, lets discuss this downstairs in
the concert hall...And as we arrived...it turned out the audience had
in the meantime been let in and so our beautiful beautiful spots were
already taken!!! There was a crowd at the first five rows. We had to
settle for places more to the side, also still first row, but not in
the middle, very much at the right,Damn! How could we have been so
stupid to leave our spot right before the hall would open! I so
regretted it! But at least Marleen and I continued to talk and
basically, we agreed to disagree. We even hugged and kissed...

Then the concert starts....alarm goes off...Vay Anam Vay...in comes
this little man running dressed in a ski outfit and red bodywarmer
and sunglasses.. .I stopped my camara from filming...he was indeed
wearing the ridiculous outfit from Berlin!!! Damn!! Marleen agreed it
looked awful!!

During the concert, the funniest thing was, someone threw a yellow
bra on the stage. Tarkan saw it, his mouth droppped open, his eyes
nearly fell out, and he looked at Can and pointed at it, like, look
man, I got a bra! And Can was laughing his a** off!! Then even more
funny, Tarkan turned at the balcony where it was thrown from and
actualy shouted: who threw this? And then he said, hahahaha this is
the first time, I swear, the first time!!The concert was good, good
atmosphere, a bit smaller venue, so the contact with the audience was
very intimate. The first row was really up very close. The Kuzu Kuzu
dance was just as bad as in Amsterdam. But he got into halter tops
earlier so his body was exposed more. The purple trousers came back
as well.

There were many people with cameras and mobile phones, and during the
beginning of Unutmamali, he said to the audience: you know what? I
will allow you some time to make pictures. He stood there and posed,
and looked into several camera's. Then he said: and now I will sing
again, please don't just film me, just dance and sing along. During
uptempo songs, he also kept on asking: eller! Which means: hands!!

At one moment he noticed Marlene and me were standing next to each
other, and there was a full surprise on his face!! He pointed at
both of us asking: you two together, you made up? We both grinned and
nodded...Then Tarkan pressed his both hands to his heart and looked
up, as if to say: I am so happy! He danced to the middle of the
stage, grinning, and he turned back at us again, and also put up his
thumb to us, to say: well done girls!So Marlene and I laughed and
hugged and well, it felt good, we had made him happy... After the
concert, Marleen wanted to have a drink with me in the venue before
we would leave. I asked her if she would drive me to the train

She did, and so, eventually I got onto the train, and here my report

love to all of you

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Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts Empty
PostSubject: Re: Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts   Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts EmptySun Dec 21, 2008 10:41 am

I am so jeolus of her Smile I am sure all audince had spent AMAZİNG time Smile I miss Tarkan Sad
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Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts Empty
PostSubject: Re: Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts   Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts EmptySun Dec 21, 2008 11:32 am

to have Tarkan actually recognizing you among thousands of people Shocked i can't imagine how it feels like!!
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Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts Empty
PostSubject: the tarkan no no gay ?   Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts EmptyThu Dec 25, 2008 11:10 am

no tarkan gay olamaz Evil or Very Mad
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Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts Empty
PostSubject: Re: Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts   Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts Empty

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Inge's Reports from Tarkans latest concerts
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