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 How I met him

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Bouncing Yakinda Ninja

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How I met him Empty
PostSubject: How I met him   How I met him EmptyFri Jul 17, 2009 1:45 am

I'm kinda new here so after my introduction I'll explain how I met him and started liking this guy.

First days of 2005, my dad was working with UNICEF in different projects and they called him to go to Indonesia and Turkey, so I went with him. We had little time to go touring (we were there only 10 days, btween Jakarta and Istambul) they were trying to hurry and the meetings were boring. I remember it was noon and everything was normal, they were going to start filming next day and all of a sudden there are strange movements, cars, security, a crowd and they said Tarkan in person wanted to participate in the meeting and he was in the lobby. It was weird because when UNICEF or other organizations ask for some big star's help the star usually shows up the day they are going to film and it is their team that handles all previous meetings. He was busy that day but he managed to show up at lunch time. The door opened and he enters... I hadn't paid much attention until that moment when he enters with a big big smile and light in his eyes. (I'm not exagerating, I swear his eyes were brighter than enyone else's) and I was like wow... wow... He shakes hands with the men there (there were 8 people) and goes saying "nice to meet you nice to meet you" to everyone then it's my turn and I'm still thinking.. wow... and he says 'hellooo' and gives me a little kiss in the cheek and a hand shake (more like a hand hold). Let me add this: He smelled GREEEEAAATTT.

After that he took a seat, the girl entered and asked him and other 3 people that came with him if they were going to have anything, three of them said tea and Tarkan asked for mineral water. I couldn't stop looking at him, not only because he was stuning gorgeous -I thought he was- but for all his charisma. He held a smile or half a smile all the time. His english was very good, and his face and hands were soooo expressive! He was clever with his questions and answers and you could say he was so simple. I've known some big stars in my life, some of them are incredibly annoying with all their 'poses' but some show how BIG and GENIOUS they are by being simple and just humans, and that was his case. Everyone loved him. Oh- Oh! I remember some details LOL. The woman who was in charge of some coordinations btween producers and executive producers came in later. She was one of those crazy funny people who makes a lot of noise and disaster LOL. (It was delightful to see Tarkan laughing). She was all excited and was pleased to meet him in person. Then, suddenly, she spilled a glass full of water (well, it wasnt full) on the table! Do you imagine what he did? He took like four napkins and put them on the water. Haha. Yeah I know, not biggie I'm trying to give an idea how 'normal' he was.

And I saw more of those. In the shooting day someone drop some papers and he just picked them up and handed them to her.
Well he didn't move too much once he was all maked up and his hair was perfect for the shooting LOL.

Last day we shared a car (ahhhhahh) and had a dinner (me, him and other 20 people LOL) In that dinner we had the chance to talk a little about his country, turkish people, my country, music. He was friendly and talkative. He asked if I was still in school or something bcuz looked young LOL. (I was 15.. and I think I looked even younger Crying or Very sad dammit haha)

That was it, he said very kind and lovely words, hand shakes, kisses, smiles and all. I kinda wanted to say something important but well I think I only said 'bye, it's been great to meet you' LOL. I was thinking something more like 'guy, do you marry me' or something LOL (kidding)

So, the thing is you get shocked at first sight, at least that was my case. This man is serious stuff, it's like he knows he's (incredibly) attractive and uses it to seduce people (in the good way I mean). So he totally owns you the first time you see him.

As you get to know him a little bit better...hum.. not that I knew him in 4 days of course,, let's say, once you get used to see him you find him a person so easy to deal with, positive, fun and kind with everybody that is just enjoyable to be around him and work with him.

And well, I'm a girl after all but if you asked me, I would say that instead of erotic dreams ( lol! ) I'd have friendly dreams about him. Of course who wouldn't want to date such a piece of candy but I stay with his personality over his looks.

wow! long post uaa..
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Crazy Simarik

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How I met him Empty
PostSubject: Re: How I met him   How I met him EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 12:29 am

Hola Grauben,
very interesting ,your story,I guess you always remember it with great pleasure....
you're very lucky,you have met him in person....
thanks for sharing your experience. Smile
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How I met him Empty
PostSubject: Re: How I met him   How I met him EmptyThu Jul 23, 2009 11:41 am


That was a great story. I really enjoyed the parts where he acted normal... I have noticed that too about Tarkan. Sometimes he acts kind of dorky like most of us once in a while. I like that he can be himself. But I can see how you (especially if I was that young) would be overtaken by him at first glance. I hope some day to meet him soon myself. I am sure I will never forget that moment too. Thanks for sharing so many details.

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How I met him Empty
PostSubject: Re: How I met him   How I met him EmptyFri Jul 24, 2009 11:06 am

That is a great story, thank you for sharing. Smile

I bet it was interesting to be able to go to those countries and see different things. How lovely that your dad had the opportunity to take his family along.

I think that it is nice that he acted normal and not all diva-ish. That is absolutely refreshing!

Thanks again!
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How I met him Empty
PostSubject: Re: How I met him   How I met him Empty

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How I met him
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