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 Tarkan's recent INTERVIEW

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Tarkan's recent INTERVIEW Empty
PostSubject: Tarkan's recent INTERVIEW   Tarkan's recent INTERVIEW EmptySun Jul 06, 2008 2:43 am

Tarkan wants to learn Russian,
really doesn't want to get married.

Eastern saying states that no matter how many times you say "khalva",
it won't get sweeter in your mouth. Same as many stars shining on TV
won't gather even a half of a concert hall. But for Tarkan's concert
there were 12,000 people.
However, they were not only young girls, but also older women and men.
Before the concert fans were discussing how they cought Tarkan by his
hotel, while waiting there for many hours. Tarkan arrived late
afternoon and stayed at "Ambassador". And also, as Tarkan told "KP",
didn't sleep well: cold rainy weather of St. Petersburg affected him
badly. But, he gathered all his energy and gave the interview for "KP"
("Komsomol'skaya Pravda"- "Comsomol Truth").

"I was born to be famous"

- You are very popular in Russia, is it a hard thing?

I was born for this. Sometimes I have those thoughts, - he answered
smiling- But, of course, when I'm in the club, restaraunt or airport it
gets to be complicated. Everybody wants to take a picture, an
autograph. I always try to understand them, not to think about myself.
Imagine what they are feeling waiting for me for so many hours. I just
can't say "NO".

By the way, from the close view, Tarkan is unbelievably beautiful:
perfect face structure, wanderful eyes, and very black eyelashes. Now
it's understood why girls are going crazy about him. There were rumors
that in America he had a plastic surgery, to make corrections on his
jaw bones and upper lip. But, no matter how hard "KP" reporter looked
at singer's face, didn't notice anything. Only light make up was
covering this turkish beauty.

- We were really interested if he had a surgery or not, because Turkish
side had restrictions with video recordings, - said organizers.- We
took a risk to ask him straight about it. He said he didn't have any.

Because of the rumors had to escape to America"

Also, in his 35, tarkan looks fabulos, 10 years younger. Any woman
would be jealous of him. There are many rumors about him. Because of
the homosexuality rumors he left to America. And we took a risk to ask
him about it.

- Is it true that your leave to America was because of different
rumored publications?

Yes, because at the beginning there were too many negative articles
about me. They were judging me without knowing. And I wanted to escape
from it, go back to my roots and keep creating something. I decided to
start learning English, that was another reason why I left. My first
visit to America was in 1995. I went to school as a normal student. In
Turkey I was a big star, but there just a regular student, seating next
to other turkish students.

Indeed, Americans like not only Tarkan- student, but also Tarkan-singer.

They find my music very passionate, - said Tarkan.- And sexy.

Well, in America exotic singer worked hard on his english album, found
american producer and came up on the international arena. In Turkey
tarkan also everything is going good- he got his own parfume line.

It's for both men and women,- Tarkan explained.- I like the one for men
the most: rain scent, very sexy. (It's not available in Russia yet).
Also I got my own clothing line, which I will introduce soon. It will
be as well as casual clothing for everyday and also fancy clothes-
shirts, ties. For women and men, may be even unisex.

"I don't support marriege"

- They often write that you are ready to get married. Did you get
married already?

No no, I'm not ready. I always say I don't believe in marriege. I
believe that this world needs something new. There are more unhappy
husbands, wives, children, divorces. I don't support marriege.

Probably with such statements Tarkan gave turkish papparazzi a hint to
talk about his sexuality. But he is very loved in Russia, without all
those dirty rumors. And singer answers the same to Russian public.
Right on the concert he learnt several russian words. He asked the
audience what is "I love you" in Russian. From the first try he
memorized only "liublu" (love you). But in the middle of the concert he
clrearly said "I love you" ("Ya vas liublu"). He liked it so much that
repeated it several times.

" I will learn it! I promise, next time I come back , I will speak
russian!"- Tarkan insured.

sourse: http://www.kp.ru/daily/24121.5/343561/ Cool

P.S. you can trust this sourse, they don't write lies. It's an old
Russian news paper, serious one (you can say it by its name Smile)
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Tarkan's recent INTERVIEW
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